Saturday, September 8, 2012

Giant Thief

Easie Damasco is a name that everyone in the world of light fantasy should become familiar with. Damasco is the main character of David Tallerman's first novel and lives the life of an unapologetic and unrepentant self-centered thief. This short novel was a pleasant romp through an unexpectedly delightful new land. Damasco eventually becomes the hero, fighting battles and rescuing damsels, but never sees himself as one. That is the beauty of this novel. Tallerman does an excellent job portraying his characters as one might find them in real life for Easie Damasco is no protagonist. He never experiences great change to self or lifestyle and does not want any of the accolades or adventure he finds himself a part of from time to time. He is content with his life as a petty thief and not even a good one at that. Occasionally, we see glimpses of how the world views him as well (much less important than his personal view of course which is “a large part of a picture only slightly bigger” than he is). He does try to change and embrace his role of hero from time to rare time which he blames on "sleep deprivation." This is hands down the best novel of 2012 (save for perhaps the coming sequel; don't worry, there are no cliffhangers and the novel can stand alone). It is Easie Damasco's quick wit which will win the heart of the reader. He knows that he is hopelessly outmatched time and again and would flee the flight of a coward if only the opportunity would ever present itself.
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